We are more than just enthusiastic experts who are dedicated to our clients–we are also real personalities who work hard to achieve successful changes.

We have mastered the art of bringing people together and inspiring new ideas. Having empathy and trusting our instincts are a vital part of this process. Our goal is to create an environment where human factor and doing business successfully are at par with each other.

We love to speak to and work with each other in teams from all areas of expertise and we make it everyone’s task to support one another. We are persistent and sometimes unconventional– and our private lives are just as important to us as our professional work.

We work hard to create an environment in which our strengths and particularities are respected and which both encourages us and lets us be just the way we are.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

A. Einstein


You are an experienced professional in counselling or training with a focus that matches our profile and are looking for a new challenge?

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Theses (Bachelor/Master)

You would like to write a thesis in Social Sciences, Business Administration (with a focus on HR management) or corporate social counselling?

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You are a school or university student or you have just finished your education and would like some practical experience as an intern or are looking for the starting point of a successful career?

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