Individuality instead of one-size-fits-all

Our name stands for individual, need-oriented and personal solutions instead of standards and routine. We focus on the company we work with and especially on the people working there.

What we offer is built on your corporate culture and is framed by your conditions and your business goals. This is balanced with the interests of your employees and customers and has a direct influence on how we shape our consulting work.

“Every attempt of an individual to solve what concerns all, must fail.”

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Improving the efficiency of change processes

Every player on the market needs change processes that boost agility, support innovative structures, advance digital transformation and encourage thinking outside the box–across divisions and generations. A challenge without doubt!

Digitalisation and new technological possibilities do not only change the way we do business, they also trigger more profound shifts. Finding new ways to work together, reacting faster, being innovative, providing new products and adjusting manufacturing as well as dialogue and leadership structures are only some of the demands. They can only be met if you and your company are ready to learn and change accordingly.

We make it our goal to keep our finger on the pulse in order to support companies with our methods and competence. While giving our clients what they need to succeed in a globalised and digitised market, we place the main focus on the human factor at par with business processes.

Corporate Consulting

Tapping into your staff’s full potential

Development programs aim at long-term and holistic support for all employees. The basic framework of our solutions is formed through extensive dialogues with HR and other stakeholders and considers the specific needs as well as the leadership and development culture of the company we work with. This process results in a relevant and tailor-made concept consisting of main modules and accompanying measures.

We work to help you by analysing your needs, qualifying your employees and bringing together people from across your company.

Development of employees and leaders

Getting your staff excited about new concepts

Globalisation has changed how companies and organisations are connected. This poses a challenge for employees at every level–no matter their role or tasks.

Every single employee is involuntarily racing against the clock – there is a rapidly-increasing demand for changes and adjustments to happen even faster.

Our practical seminars and trainings aim to support your employees and encourage a calm and positive attitude towards these changes.

We offer concepts that focus on experiencing, learning and implementing.

Practice-oriented learning concepts

Using a tense work environment constructively

Not only do conflicts severely affect the mindset and psychological health of those involved, they also have a negative influence on working conditions and the general environment in companies and other organisations.

Unresolved or lengthy conflicts lead to a drop in motivation and performance. This is damaging to business in general as it is often accompanied with more regular sick notes, inefficient time management etc.

Our goal is to support you with suitable, practice-oriented measures that provide sustainable solutions to conflicts, help master crises, deescalate difficult situations and turn a tense working environment into an atmosphere that fosters cooperation.

Corporate crisis and conflict management

Providing support for your employees in difficult times

Difficult situations at work or at home influence our daily life.

Sound decisions are hard to make while our mind is preoccupied with persistent problems. We just cannot seem to focus anymore.

This applies to both professional problems and the influence they have on our private lives – and personal problems that affect our work life. No matter which part of our lives is affected by a problem, it is bound to spill over to the other side.

Corporate social counselling offers effective support in these situations and is available to all employees.

Corporate social counselling

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